Quarter-size dolly

The quarter-size dolly meets the highest standards. Despite its compact dimensions, it can carry a maximum load of up to 250 kg. The quarter-size dolly is ideal for mobile merchandising applications on the sales floor. It also serves to transport plastic crates and beverages. Depending on the application, different anti-slip edge versions are available. The quarter-size dolly also benefits from an especially long service life, which is why it is ideal for the operating company as an economical returnable system. The dolly requires no further aids for transportation. It can easily be integrated in standard industrial process, and causes no additional costs incurred through changes in processes. Because of its simple handling, the dolly offers a not inconsiderable savings potential in personnel and handling costs. The dolly can be produced in customer-specific colors and with customer emblems, and can thus be integrated in the corporate design. This makes a professional impression on the end customer and improves the company’s image.


Dimensions: 400 x 600 mm
Maximum load: 250 kg