Контейнер для урожая без зазоров защищает ваши семена от заражения вредителями, загрязнения и влаги
Морские контейнеры и контейнеры для хранения сыпучих грузов, семян и зерна
Контейнеры для транспортировки или хранения семян, трав и семян
Контейнер для семян для хранения и транспортировки

The GEBHARDT seed and agricultural containers

Are you looking for agricultural containers to store or transport your valuable seeds? The GEBAHRDT seed boxes offer the optimal protection for your seeds!

The GEBHARDT seed and agricultural containers

The focus of the GEBHARDT seed boxes is the protection of your seeds and sowings!

Our product managers and developers design agricultural containers that optimize your logistics and can be easily integrated into existing processes. Our seed hopper family includes four container types that are ideal for transporting and storing bulk materials in the agricultural induvolustry and can be used in modern turning systems as well as with any type of ground conveyors. All containers are characterized by their high stability and tightness. In order to support your processes in the best possible way, customer-specific designs of our bulk containers are possible at any time.

As seed experts in the industry, we are particularly proud of our latest development on the market: the demountable seed box. Within three minutes, the hopper can be assembled or disassembled and does not lose any of its tightness. Due to its small gap size, the container is absolutely impermeable without sealant and protects your seeds from pests, moisture or contamination. This demountable seed container is the solution to balance seasonal peaks in your warehouse and may prove to be a gamechanger for your logistics processes!

Learn more about the GEBHARDT seed containers and find the best hopper for your application!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimal protection of your seeds
  • Particularly stable and durable containers
  • Optimal storage utilization
  • Easy handling during transport and storage
  • Optimal tightness
  • Customized designs possible
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The modular dismountable GEBHARDT seed container - A gamechanger for your logistics processes.

This GEBHARDT seed container is the first hopper on the market that can be disassembled within three minutes and at the same time meets the highest demands for tightness. The gap-free design prevents even fine-grained seeds such as canola from settling in gaps. Without the use of sealants, the agricultural container is absolutely impermeable and protects your seeds from pest infestation, contamination and moisture. A special feature of the container is the moisture compensating wall linings with hygroscopic properties, as these counteract mold infestation. The smooth exterior and interior walls avoid superfluous contours and allow quick and thorough cleaning. Due to the particularly small gap dimensions, the seed hopper is perfectly sealed, can be emptied completely and guarantees a single-variety filling of your seeds.

Convince yourself of the advantages of the dismountable seed hopper from GEBHARDT.

  • Disassembled or assembled within minutes
  • Meets the highest requirements for tightness

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Our dismountable seed hopper- The solution to balance seasonal peaks in your warehouse

One of the biggest advantages of the seed container is its demountability. Analyses in the Test and Technology Center have proven that the hopper can be assembled or disassembled within three minutes due to the built-in quick-locking elements. Use this advantage for your logistics processes! With the dismountable agricultural container from GEBHARDT you can avoid renting additional, expensive storage halls and storage transports and use your own halls several times instead. The dismountability offers you the chance to balance seasonal peaks and to store the container in a space-saving way during times when you are not storing seed. Seed experts in the industry are convinced by this container innovation. When will you be convinced?

  • Dismountability
  • Multiple use of warehouses possible

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An all-rounder for all kind of seeds

The GEBHARDT seed hopper is perfectly suited for the storage of any kind of seeds or bulk material and can easily be emptied completely with automatic turning systems. The container can be used for both light and heavy seeds up to a payload of 2000kg.  As an all-rounder in the agricultural sector, the seed container can be used as a storage as well as a drying hopper, thus providing modular support for your logistics processes. The stock hopper can easily be extended by a basic pallet with ventilation floor and thus flexibly increase the efficiency of your processes as a storage or drying hopper.

  • All-rounder for all seeds
  • Can be used as storage and drying container

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Stapelrahmen S-32

The stacking frame as an economical solution for transporting light seeds

The transport and storage container is particularly suitable for smaller quantities of bulk material. In combination with an additionally available cardboard inlay, the stacking frame is particularly practical for storing and transporting light seeds such as grasses or rapeseed.  Since this container eliminates the use of plastic big bags and thus minimizes plastic waste, the load carrier also stands out as a sustainable transport solution. The powder coating of the metal frame makes the GEBHARDT seed container particularly durable and long-lasting, which is why the container can successfully support your logistics processes for many years to come. Use the advantages of the stacking frame also for your logistics processes and ask for the agricultural container without obligation!

  • For transport and storage of light seeds
  • Durable and economical solution

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The GEBHARDT stacking frame: Optimally designed for safe transport and space-saving storage

With the system stacking frame + system pallet you decide for a multifunctional stacking frame for storage and transport. In just a few steps, you can fit a pallet with the clip-on frame and thus convert it into a ready-to-use rack. The special shape of the corner elements ensures safe stacking in the warehouse and also provides a suitable surface for strapping for securing loads on the road in compliance with standards and guidelines (VDI NR. 27). On the truck, the stacking frame can be safely transported stacked 1 + 1 due to the installed catch trays with lashing strap guide.

  • Load securing in compliance with standards and guidelines
  • Stacking frame with lashing strap guide

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Stapelrahmen S-32

The dismountable stacking frame saves storage space and freight rates.

The lightweight and dismountable construction consisting of stacking frame and system pallet can be dismantled in a very short time when not in use and stored or returned in compressed form. This not only saves storage space and freight rates, but also contributes to sustainability. The plug-in yet stable system is perfectly suited for compacting empties during return transport of the racks and thus helps you to make full use of the truck loading area. Convince yourself of the advantages of the GEBHARDT seed hopper!

  • Stacking frame that can be dismantled
  • Reduces freight rates

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Seed hopper Length Width Height Payload Stacking warehouse Stacking truck
Dismountable seed hopper 1.140 - 2.400 mm 700 - 1.300 mm 700 -1.600 mm 2.500 kg 5-fold 1-fold
Stacking frame S-32 1.200 - 1.400 mm (pallet size) 800 - 1.000 mm 1.000 mm 1.000 kg 5-fold 2-fold
Wooden container 1.600 mm 1.100 mm 1.220 mm 1.500 kg 5-fold 1-fold
Metal container 1.640 mm 1.190 mm 1.330 mm 2.000 kg 5-fold 2-fold

The GEBHARDT wooden container

You want to transport or store lighter seeds like grasses and rape? Then the GEBHARDT wooden seed container could be just the right choice for you! The wooden container made of solid wood and plywood is suitable for safe block storage and can be easily transported with various floor conveyor vehicles and integrated into modern turning systems. To protect your high-quality seeds from moisture, an air-permeable floor construction can also be installed for drying. With the GEBHARDT wooden seed hopper you can not only avoid mold, but also protect your seeds from rodents and pests by using a sealing bottom corner.

For higher demands and for more modularity in your logistic processes we recommend our dismountable seed hopper!

Unsure which of the GEBHARDT seed hoppers fits best for your logistic processes? Our GEBHARDT seed experts will be happy to advise you individually!

  • For lighter seeds
  • To protect your seeds

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The GEBHARDT metal container

Due to its high payload, the metal container is particularly suitable for the storage of heavy, dry seeds such as corn, soybeans or grain and can be optimally integrated into your existing logistics processes due to its suitability for floor conveyors.

When stacking the metal container in block storage, the lower container is completely sealed by the container above it, similar to a lid, and enables long-term protected storage of your seeds. Emptying the container with a rotary forklift, in turning systems or with a bottom slide is easily possible.

Do you value flexibility and want to save storage space? Then we recommend our all-rounder, the dismountable agricultural container from GEBHARDT!

Convince yourself of the advantages of the GEBHARDT metal seed hopper for the protection of your seeds and arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with our experts.

  • High payload
  • For heavy and dry seeds

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Dismountable seed hopper
Stacking frame S-32
Wooden container
Metal container
Dismountable seed hopper 1.140 - 2.400 mm x 700 - 1.300 mm
Stacking frame S-32 1.200 - 1.400 mm x 800 - 1.000 mm
Wooden container 1.600 mm x 1.100 mm
Metal container 1.640 mm x 1.190 mm
Полезная нагрузка
Dismountable seed hopper 2.500 kg
Stacking frame S-32 1.000 kg
Wooden container 1.500 kg
Metal container 2.000 kg
Dismountable seed hopper yes
Stacking frame S-32 yes
Wooden container no
Metal container no
Dismountable seed hopper yes
Stacking frame S-32 no
Wooden container no
Metal container no

The GEBHARDT seed hopper - our certified hopper

GEBHARDT seed hoppers are regularly tested and certified to optimally support your logistics processes.

PEFC certificate

The PEFC certificate certifies that the wood used by GEBHARDT comes from a legal source and ensures sustainable forestry. Responsible and sustainable raw material procurement is important to us!

  • Certificate valid until 2029
  • PEFC certified wood products
IPPC or ISPM certificate

In our Certified Drying Chambers we can heat treat your wood products in a controlled manner and efficiently rid them of possible pests.

  • Wood treatment based on IPPC or ISPM certificate available on request

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the GEBHARDT seed containers

Are the products suitable for a conveyor system and a high rack?

Yes, generally all our products are suitable for this. When used in conveyor systems, an appropriate floor construction is required, which should be coordinated with the GEBHARDT sales team.

How heavy are seed containers?

The weight of a hopper depends on several factors. The desired payload, the stacking factor, the size dimension. We will be happy to advise you on this!

What is the cheapest reusable solution for seeds?

The most cost-effective returnable solution is the GEBHARDT stacking frame, which, in combination with a GEBHARDT system pallet, scores among other things with a low dead weight and its dismountability.

Can the products be stacked and lashed to the truck?

The metal stacking frame is suitable for stacked, safe truck transport.

Which material (metal / wood) is best for my seeds / bulk products?

Sensitive seeds / oilseeds (grasses, canola, clover, berries, etc.) should be stored in moisture compensating containers to prevent mold growth such as the dismountable seed container. "Heavy" seeds (corn, soybeans, cereals) can be stored in all GEBHARDT containers.

How is the quality of GEBHARDT containers ensured?

The containers are monitored and tested several times during and after production by the in-house quality assurance department. In addition, GEBHARDT has the quality standard DIN ISO 9001. We also carry out independent product monitoring and testing.

How repair-friendly are the products?

Depending on the hopper design, different repair measures are possible. With our dismountable seed hopper, for example, you can replace individual components!

Are the products IPPC / ISPM 15 treated?

Depending on customer requirements, each wooden container can be treated IPPC or according to ISPM 15 in our in-house drying chambers.

Can my containers be customized?

GEBHARDT manufactures standard sizes as well as customized solutions. We would be happy to design an individual container for you. Please contact our sales team and arrange a free consultation!

Which surfaces are possible for GEBHARDT metal products?

Depending on the product application and the product material, we can provide different surfaces (galvanizing, powder coating according to RAL spectrum).

With which industrial trucks can the GEBHARDT containers be transported?

The containers are suitable for a wide range of industrial trucks. Our sales team will be happy to discuss details with you.

Are the GEBHARDT solutions suitable for automated systems (turning systems)?

Before the containers are manufactured, individual customer requirements and processes can be taken into account, so that the containers are designed by GEBHARDT. Thus, the use within a turning plant is possible.

How easy are the GEBHARDT containers to clean?

In order to promote pure filling, our containers are designed accordingly so that simple and unproblematic cleaning is possible.