Load carrier for powertrain

Are you looking for special load carriers for engines, transmissions or axles and have the highest demands on safety and precision? Then GEBHARDT is the right choice for you! Our transport racks are developed precisely to fit your processes and are manufactured in series production in a highly automated process!

The GEBHARDT load carriers for Powertrain

The transport and storage of highly sensitive products of the automotive industry such as engines, gearboxes or axles must meet the highest requirements for safety, precision and accuracy of fit.  For this reason, there is no standard GEBHARDT special load carriers, but rather individual, tailor-made load carriers for the special requirements of our customers.

GEBHARDT has been developing and producing load carriers for national customers as well as international global corporations for over 190 years and convinces with automated production technology and the highest quality standards in series production. As the market leader in the industry, we have, thanks to our many years of experience, very extensive know-how as a manufacturer of transport racks and produce load carriers for automotive in always consistently high production quality.

GEBHARDT-Your specialist for transport and storage solutions in logistics!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost savings through automated handling
  • Transport of several derivatives in one flexible special load carrier
  • Optimum protection of the load
  • Precise, automated series production
  • Optimized component pick-up through the use of different material combinations

Multiple derivatives in one carrier

Engines are the heart of every vehicle and are highly complex in design. In addition to conventional combustion engines, alternative drive systems are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. The desire for lower emissions and increasing electrification go hand in hand with new demands on engines. These developments require high-precision load carriers for the networked and partially automated production sites. The GEBHARDT special load carriers can transport a variety of engines and engine parts and accommodate different derivatives simultaneously. To enable safe and precise component pick-up, we use material combinations of steel and plastic. GEBHARDT engine load carriers meet the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of precision and quality down to the smallest detail and can also be easily integrated into your automated loading and unloading processes.

  • High-precision load carriers suitable for automated loading and unloading processes
  • Simultaneous transport of different derivatives of engines and engine parts

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Highest quality standards and accuracy of fit

GEBHARDT special load carriers are mass-produced with the highest precision. Accuracy of fit and precision in our automated manufacturing processes guarantee our customers the highest quality standards. Before the GEBHARDT load carriers optimize automated loading and unloading processes in the logistics of our customers, we carry out a strict final inspection of each load carrier. With the help of a fully automated measuring station, we can ensure a consistently high quality of our load carriers. This enables us to guarantee that no untested and non-dimensional special load carrier leaves our factory.

  • Automated production processes
  • Fully automated measuring station for consistently high quality

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Weight-optimised load carriers

The GEBHARDT special load carriers are characterized by an extremely light weight. The sophisticated design of the load carrier through a combination of steel and plastic optimizes the weight of the large load carrier. The reduced transport weight simplifies handling and can save you a lot of money during transport due to the reduced empty weight. Take advantage of the weight savings and increase the efficiency of your logistics processes with GEBHARDT load carriers for Powertrain.

  • Weight-optimised load carriers
  • Reduced unladen weight enables reduced freight rates

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Unique two-component fixture for more flexibility in your logistics processes

In the powertrain, the transmission is at least as important for the vehicle as the engine. The topic of electrification for the drive technology of hybrid vehicles in particular has become increasingly important in recent years. With the increasing variety of transmissions, the requirements for a flexible special load carrier are increasing. At GEBHARDT we design load carriers with the aim of being able to safely pack and transport as many derivatives as possible in a single transport rack. GEBHARDT load carriers for gearboxes are made up of two components. A hard component made of plastic and a soft component as a cushion. This unique two-component component support allows for enormous flexibility, as heavy components with a wide variety of contours can be accommodated.

  • Unique component fixture
  • Component accommodation of several derivatives with a wide range of contours possible

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Individual, custom-fit solutions for your logistics processes

Our special load carriers are as flexible and individual as our customers' logistics processes!

For this reason, all load carriers for the automotive industry are special constructions and customer matches. Let our experts advise you and find the load carrier that best suits you and your logistics processes!

Our customer process could look like this, for example:


Safe recording of a wide range of component contours

The increasing electrification in the automotive industry requires loadable load carriers for new, heavy axle variants. To accommodate heavy components, GEBHARDT special load carriers can be optimized with special plastic pads, which ensure safe accommodation of heavy loads without abrasion or damage. To ensure the quality of your components and to accommodate a wide variety of component contours, special foam cushions can also be installed to provide maximum protection for your sensitive load during transport. Flexibly designed and load-automatable special load carriers increase the efficiency of your logistics processes! Contact our experts at GEBHARDT and let us advise you individually!

  • Safe accommodation of different axle variants due to special foam cushions
  • Maximum protection during transport

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Stable and flexible GEBHARDT load carriers individually designed for your requirements

Axles are now produced in a wide range of variations and designs. Due to electrification in the automotive industry, new axle variants and axle parts are becoming relevant again and again. These developments in the industry put the focus of GEBHARDT load carriers on durability and flexibility. With well thought-out designs, a large number of axles and axle parts can be safely transported and stored with our load carriers without loss of quality. The grid positions allow flexible adjustment to different axle variants and thus increase the flexibility of your logistics processes. During transport, the individual components are secured against slipping along the x- and y-axis with lateral plastic stops. Convince yourself of the advantages of the automatable GEBHARDT special load carriers for axle parts!

  • Grid positions allow flexible adjustment to different axis variants
  • Special component protection against slipping along the x- and y-axis

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The GEBHARDT load carriers for Powertrain- Multiple certified container

The GEBHARDT special load carriers are regularly tested and certified to optimally support your logistics processes.

ISO 9001:2015

This certificate attests that GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions has implemented and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the above standard. Certified areas are development, production and distribution of industry-specific solutions for transport and storage of goods and merchandise in industry and trade.

  • Certificate valid until: 23-01-08
  • Certified production of transport and storage systems
EN ISO 3834-3:2005

This certificate attests that GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions has implemented and maintains a welding process in accordance with the above standard. Certified areas are the production of welded Steel constructions as well as the
production of special pallets and vessels.

  • Certificate valid until: 26-10-27
  • Certified production of welded Steel constructions, production of special pallets and vessels

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Do you have any questions about GEBHARDT special load carriers or would you like individual advice? Please feel free to contact us!

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about GEBHARDT load carriers for Powertrain

What advantages do GEBHARDT special load carriers offer?

  • Safe transport and better storage of your components
  • Reliable protection of your transported goods
  • Sustainability through reusable packaging and thus an extremely long life cycle
  • Optimal design of the packing density in the load carrier
  • Robust and stable construction

How do I secure my cargo in transit?

With a GEBHARDT special load carrier, the load can be transported safely between production sites. The optimum selection of materials for the interior of the container and optimal component protection can ensure a consistently high quality of your components.

What is the filling quantity of the load carrier?

Each load carrier is optimized according to your logistical and process requirements with regard to the packing density in the load carrier as well as on the transport route. Through this we guarantee maximum efficiency of your processes.

How is a component handled?

According to your process-related requirements, GEBHARDT special load carriers are developed and produced for manual, partially automated as well as fully automated component handling. This ensures that your processes run smoothly at all times.

Is there a tracking solution?

An intelligent tracking solution from 4smartlogistics allows you to digitally and seamlessly capture various data to analyze and optimize your logistics processes.

Can load carriers be developed by GEBHARDT?

We design innovative functions and products. Our team of engineers and technicians design and simulate new load carriers using CAD techniques. The developments are done with Solid Works, CATIA and Siemens NX.  Latest techniques enable us to send you the load carrier in Argumented Reality in advance. This has the advantage for you that you can view the load carrier in real size before the sample is built in your halls and any details can be visualized in detail in advance.

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